Med Clinic Day Two and Free Day

Med Clinic Day Two
Yesterday we drove to a village that was about 45 minutes away. When we got to the village we started forming relationships with the kids and even some of the adults by playing soccer and frisbee. The kids loved the toys we gave them and played with them throughout the day. When we started getting ready for the Jesus video, the playing started to settle down and eventually everyone came and watched. After the video, singing, and testimonies, almost everyone came forward to accept Jesus Christ. It was a very powerfull experience knowing that so many people wanted to further God’s Kingdom. Overall, during the two med clinics, we got to see how the Holy Spirit worked to change many lives.

Free Day
Today the Allendale Christian kids and teachers went to visit Jenri in his village. When they got there they gave many hugs and all said their hellos. We gave them a suitcase full of stuff for him and his family (most of it being Spider Man), along with a bike. Then they visited his school to drop off lots of school supplies. After that we said our goodbyes and headed to McDonalds, meeting the Immanuel Team for lunch. Then we all headed to the market to rest and relax and enjoy some time together.
Time for devos! See you tomorrow!


Med Clinic Day One – Cienega

Yesterday, we visited a village an hour away. It wouldn’t have been that bad but another one of the vans broke down so we were down to two vans. We had 27 people in our 14 passenger van while crossing what was pretty much a river, driven by a parapalegic who was talking on the phone… In other words, the scariest thing ever. Once we finally made it to the village, it took a while to warm up with the people but eventually we started to play soccer with them on a small patch of semi flat clay. It was a blast even though we could not really communicate with them. While people were recieving meds, group members did various things with the kids like painting their nails, throwing bouncy balls, making braclets, and handing out candy. The kids were more than happy to play with us and we tried to spread the gifts and love evenly thoughout all of them. There were many God siteings in the village we were at. At first there was only about 2 people that accepted Christ because there was an elder that had enough power over them to hold them back. Then, we circled them and prayed around them to try and cast away their fear. By the end of the night, 2 more had come to know Christ. Even though that this seemed small, it was a big deal for these people because we have introduced them to the word of God. Paradise Bound will be back to minister to them. So all in all, visiting this village was a big step in the right direction.
Allyn and Aaron

House Dedication Day 3

Today we woke up at 6:30 and had some extra time to spend in prayer and devotion as we anticipated heading to the village for house dedication. As we dedicated each house, we heard stories from the families about the hardships and trials they had experienced in the past and their gratefulness that we were able to come and build them a home. Some of the people we built homes for told us that they already believed in Christ, and others were hearing the life-saving story of Christ for the first time. At each home, the team that built that particular home went inside with families and gave gifts to help make their house a home and also gifts to encourage them. Team members were able to share words of encouragement and thanks with the family members and the family members shared their gratefulness to us. The rest of the team surrounded the house and spent time in prayer and praise, asking the Lord to work in mighty and powerful ways…. and He did! At each home, each family member either recommitted their life to Christ or accepted Christ as their Savior! It was humbling to be able to be a part of expanding God’s kingdom. We ended our time in the village with a fiesta, including a pinata and singing. The villagers gave each of us bracelets with our name on them to remember our time and experience and show appreciation, but we were the ones that were truly blessed by them! God is good! Thanks for all the prayers, heaven was rejoicing today ūüôā

Building Day #2

Today we left for the villages at 6:30 am to a beautiful blue sky. Our goal for today was to finish the five houses and to continue to build relationships with the villagers. First, we finished mudding the insides and getting them ready to paint. Then the entire group of thirty applied stucco to the outside of the houses. It was a blessing to see how God brought the Allendale and Immanuel teams together to accomplish such a messy and difficult task. After a few stucco wars, we ate an incredible lunch with homemade guacamole, tostados, and chicken salad made by some gracious women from the village. Even though we are here to show Christ, these villagers have been showing us Christ through their warmth and graciousness.
The afternoon brought cloudy skies which hurried our work along. We wanted to finish all the roofing and inside painting before the afternoon Guatemalan rains came pouring down. God is good and he answered our prayers. We painted the insides a beautiful aqua and then painted pictures for decoration. The houses are now fully ready for the dedication day on Thursday. We covet your prayers that lives will be changed and many hearts will accept the love of Jesus.

Building Day 1

We drove an hour to the village we were building in. The mayor of the village addressed us, and shared his gratitude for our assistance in helping the people there. The people prayed with us, and there was a small fireworks display. We felt extremely welcome by the people.

The building process went quickly for the first day’s work. We managed to¬†build the wall frames, attatch dry wall and cement boards,¬†and mudded for the dry wall.¬†Those whom the houses were being built for were also assisting with the building. It was a beautiful experience that all thoroughly enjoyed. We then returned home with a lovely one hour drive. We were so tired and so excited. This was a great first building day